Whats does G mean?

4 : one designated g especially as the seventh in order or class. 5 [gravity] : acceleration of gravity also : a unit of force that is equal to the force exerted by gravity on a body at rest and is used to indicate the force to which a body is subjected when undergoing acceleration.

What is a good free throw factor?

The NBA League Average FT% is 76%, which means . 76 points are expected per free throw (on average in the league). So a shooting foul results in 1.52 expected points. A player would need to shoot 50% from 3 or 76% from 2 to equal these expected points.

What is a good free throw rate?

On the college level, players who shoot above 75% are considered good shooters; while high school players should shoot over 70%. I, personally, don’t think that anyone over 15 years of age (or high school age) who shoots below 70% is a good free throw shooter.

Can LeBron James break the scoring record?

If he can carry over his current season scoring average into next season, he would need only 46 games to break the record. Assuming he plays all of Los Angeles’s final six games this regular season, James would need between 40 and 45 games next season to break the record.

What is a good turnover percentage in basketball?

Assist-to-Turnover ratio is the 1a of this first point. Take a look at how many assists the team had versus how many turnovers recorded. A good benchmark to shoot for as a team is at least a 2:1 ratio. In other words, if your team records 10 turnovers, you should have at least 20 assists.

What does TPG mean in basketball?

Points per game shows the average number of points a player has scored per game played across a specific time period (usually a season or career). The individual game scoring total is calculated by adding up all the 2 point field goals, 3 point field goals, and free throws the player makes in that game only.

What gr means?

Noun. gr. Abbreviation of grain, a unit of mass. (rare) Abbreviation of gram; the standard symbol for gram since the International System of Units was introduced in 1960 is g.

What does TPG stand for?


Acronym Definition
TPG Technology Practice Group (various organizations)
TPG Total Peripherals Group (Australian ISP)
TPG Transaction Processing Group (banking forum)
TPG Tool Path Generation

Does a dunk count as a field goal?

Regular field goals are baskets made when a shooter is below the three-point arc. These are sometimes called two-point field goals because they are worth two points in the basketball game. Examples of a field goal include a slam dunk and a layup.

What is a 3 point shot in basketball called?

A three-point field goal (also 3-pointer, three, or trey) is a field goal in a basketball game made from beyond the three-point line, a designated arc surrounding the basket.

What does FG mean in NBA?

Field Goal Percentage (FG%) Sep 20, 2015. Field goal percentage is used to measure how well a player or team shoots the ball during a game. To calculate field goal percentage, divide the number of made shots by the total number of shot attempts. Field goal percentage counts all shots taken during live game action.

Why is it called a brick in basketball?

“Air balls (shots that don’t hit the rim or backboard) and glass balls (shots that bounce off glass backboards like rockets). Around the league they call them ‘bricks’ because the ball falls like a brick after one of these shots.”

What is AG in basketball?

PTS: points. FGM, FGA, FG%: field goals made, attempted and percentage. in addition, How many points is an assist worth? Players who gain an assist will get one point added to their player statistics….Who has the highest PER in NBA?

Rank Player PER
3. Wilt Chamberlain* 31.76
4. Michael Jordan* 31.71

What are the 5 stats in basketball?

PTS: points. FGM, FGA, FG%: field goals made, attempted and percentage. FTM, FTA, FT%: free throws made, attempted and percentage. 3FGM, 3FGA, 3FG%: three-point field goals made, attempted and percentage.

What is the Power 36?

Simply put, the Power 36 is Katz’s personal ranking of the 36 best teams at the moment that each ranking is released. It is not an official NCAA ranking, nor a prediction for the NCAA tournament, but rather his version of the AP Top 25.

What is a quad 1 win?

Since 2018, one criterion for determining selection to the NCAA Tournament has been performance against certain RPI quadrants. Typically, a quadrant 1 win is considered a “good win“, while a quadrant 4 loss is considered a “bad loss”.

Who has the most rings in 2021?

LeBron James won 4 NBA Championships during his career and he is the only active player in 2021 to join the the list of the most successful players of NBA history. List of LeBron’s Rings: 2 with the Miami Heat (2012, 2013), 1 with the Cleveland Cavaliers (2016) and the last one with the Los Angeles Lakers (2020).

Who has won both MVP and DPoY?

Michael Jordan netted both the MVP and DPoY in 1988. Six years later, Hakeem Olajuwon completed the same feat and won the first of back-to-back titles with the Rockets. If you don’t have one player that embodies, well, the Greatest Basketball Player Ever, two might even be better — shared responsibilities and all.

How many times did LeBron win MVP?

James has won four NBA championships, four NBA MVP awards, four NBA Finals MVP awards, three All-Star MVP awards, and two Olympic gold medals. James has scored the most points in the playoffs, the second most career points, and has the seventh most career assists.

Who’s better Michael Jordan or Stephen Curry?

In an extensive interview with ESPN the Magazine’s Sam Alipour, Curry spoke of eclipsing Michael Jordan as the best player of all time. “It’s a high mountain to climb, but I’m pretty motivated to take on the challenge,” said Curry of surpassing Jordan as the best ever.

Who’s better Kobe or Jordan?

While we’re giving Kobe the edge over Jordan on their head-to-head matchups, Jordan wins the conversation when it comes to career accolades. Bryant was a 5x NBA Champion while Jordan won 6 titles, including a 6-0 record in the Finals. Bryant, on the other hand, finished his career with a 5-2 record in the Finals.

Is LeBron the greatest player of all time?

LeBron came in at No. 2 on The Athletic’s list, trailing only Michael Jordan. LeBron is, according to The Athletic’s voting panel of NBA experts, the second-greatest player ever. Which makes him, arguably, the greatest ever.

How many people think LeBron is better than Jordan?

77% pick Michael Jordan on that question to only 14% who think it’s LeBron James. In fact despite his being 52 years old, 34% of NBA fans think Jordan could beat James one on one now- as in the year 2015- to just 54% who think James would win despite being in the prime of his career.

FAQ: Whats does G mean?

Who does isaiah Thomas think is the GOAT?

“When I say he’s the GOAT, here’s what I mean. When you talk about he and Kareem [Abdul-Jabbar] in terms of their 20-year dominance over a sport, and then both of them being able to touch every single aspect of the statistical categories and be leaders in that category,” Thomas said.

Why Jordan is the goat?

By any calculation, Jordan is the greatest scorer the league has ever seen. He won a record 10 scoring titles, and boasted a career average of 30.1 points per game, the most in NBA history. Jordan was also among the greatest winners in NBA history.

Who is better Kobe or Magic?

While Magic’s intangibles place him ahead of Kobe, Kobe’s tangible qualities put him ahead of Magic. Magic Johnson is one of the best all-around players of all-time, as he averaged 19.5 PPG, 11.2 APG, and 7.2 APG. However, one can argue that Bryant’s on court play is even more impressive.